Make Pro Quality Prints Directly From Your Cell Phone

A New Tool To Use In Your Photography

Use Our iPrints App On Your Smart Phone!  

Order professional quality prints, enlargements, photo cards & gallery wraps directly from your cell phone or tablet.


Questions? Here's A Short Q & A:

Q. How do I download iPrints App onto my phone or tablet?

A. Please open this message on your mobile device and click to download our app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.
Our app is free in both stores. Download time: About a minute.

Q. How easy is it to order the pro lab products I want?

A. The short answer is very easy! Our app walks you through the entire ordering process.

  • You'll love the way you can crop your images and apply special effects like artistic borders to your pictures.
  • Your order will be delivered to your home.
Q. Is there anything special I have to know or do?

A. Just one thing: You must place your orders over WiFi. Why?  Because your phone's photo files are too large to be efficiently transmitted using your data plan.

You can download our app and set up your orders without WiFi. Just be sure that when you transmit the order you're connected to WiFi.


Q. What quality can I expect on my prints?

A. Print quality depends on your phone's image quality. With better phones we'll give you prints & enlargements that look as sharp and brilliant as prints from a good digital camera.

Q. What product choices do you offer me that other apps don't?

A. You can choose any of four Kodak professional photo papers, with dozens of print sizes from wallets to 20" x 30":

  • Matte prints (E) are our suggestion for most subjects.
  • Glossy (F) paper (at 19¢ ea.) is perfect for snapshots and proofs. 
  • Kodak Metallic paper gives you bright, brilliant color.
  • Canvas textured prints are wonderful for portraits & landscapes.
  • We also offer Canvas Gallery Wraps & hundreds of photo cards.
iPrints is the only App available with all of these pro product choices!


You're going to love using iPrints!

Please call us at (800) 327-1776 if you need any assistance.